Zurquí Parador Resort is the most ambitious of the Zurquí Development Group Projects, consisting of an urbanization and hotel mega-project.

Located within a 15 hectare farm in San Rafael de Heredia (with access through San Isidro de Heredia), on Calle Chaves, 2,5 kilometers north of the school, only 2 kilometers from Braulio Carrillo National Park, we dare state that this property is the loveliest in the area, with its privileged topography and majestic views of the Central Valley. The project has a 900-meter front on the public road, access by paved road, electricity, water, telephone, and, in the future, high-speed Internet services.

On this property, twenty-four homes, each between 250 and 600 square meters, will be built on 500 to 1,700 square meter lots. There will be only one house per lot; there follows an indication of the three types of homes to chose from:

•  TYPE A: Six 600 square meter homes on 1,600 square meter lots, at a cost of US$ 999,000 each.

•  TYPE B: Fourteen 380 square meter homes on 1,000 square meter lots, at a cost of US$ 549,000 each.

•  TYPE C: Four 250 square meter homes on 500 square meter lots, at a cost of US$ 299,000 each.

Furthermore, inside the property a five-star mountain hotel will be built, with 100 rooms, 35 individual cabins, 2 restaurants, convention center, discotheque, casino, stable, 3 fishing lakes and a hydrospa.

Since the area's microclimate is ideal for healing plastic surgery wounds, we have also considered installing a medical clinic that will be appropriate for such surgery, as well as other medical services, such as dentistry, orthodontics, minor surgery, and drug and alcohol detoxification.

The developers will be in charge of all construction, both private dwellings and hotel facilities, in order to guarantee architectonic harmony in the project and its conceptual unity. The zone is agricultural and therefore, condominium regulations included in the Horizontal Property Law are not applicable. Thus, in order to preserve architectonic harmony in the project and its conceptual unity, ecological and visual easements will be employed to protect them.


"Type A house" architechtural proposal for this project
This house is located in San Rafael of Heredia 3 minutes away from
Heredia downtown, this house is for sale at the price of 2.4 million
dollars all furniture and all goods included on the selling price, located on a
10.000 square meters property.