Residencial San Lucas is a 14,000 square meter project including homes, lots, and a country estate under execution in San Pablo de Heredia, Barrio Las Cruces, 300 meters south and 300 meters west of the small park, diagonal to Residencial Las Crucitas. The project can also be accessed from Santo Tomás, on the traverse road leading to Yurusti School. The project is located only 700 meters away from this educational center.

Thus, the project is excellently located, five minutes away from downtown Heredia, three minutes away from Santo Domingo , ten minutes away from San José , three minutes away from the center of San Pablo and six minutes away from San Isidro . All accesses to the project are on paved roads; the installations include greensward, a guardhouse, water, and electricity and telephone services with underground cabling.

The project is composed of three distinct products:


There are ten 170 square meter homes built in lots varying between 160 and 240 square meters. The two-storied houses are all the same: the first floor includes a living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room and a half-bathroom. The second floor has three bedrooms. The master bedroom has a complete bathroom including a bathtub and the other bedrooms share a complete bathroom. Each house has a one-vehicle carport and space for a second vehicle in the garden (this space is defined by a concrete slab). Finishes are all top quality. Ceilings are made from gypsum and traditional clay tiles protect the roofs.

The houses are grouped in two blocks of five houses each, separated by a double-purpose boulevard: access to the second product (2 lots respectively located behind each block of five houses) and having ample greensward including a children's park and guardhouse located in a 400 meter lot that was donated to the Municipality (San Pablo de Heredia). The greensward is centered between both residential blocks and will provide a sense of spaciousness rarely seen in urban developments, because of its size and the design of the gardens.

In each five-house block, two of the houses are located in front (facing the street) and three houses behind these. The two houses located in front of each block have an 8 to 10-meter front on the public road and are 30 meters deep. The three houses situated behind these two are accessed by means of 3-meter wide cul-de-sacs. These access ways belong to each of the rear lots (that is, they are not easements).

Thus for each 5-house block, from the front, one can see: a) a three meter cul-de-sac; b) a lot with a house; c) another three meter access; d) a lot with a house; e) a two meter cul-de-sac. Therefore, there will be a separation between all the houses, of at least 3 meters, which will provide a sense of privacy rarely possible in other types of developments.

In view of the fact that the project is located in an agriculturally protected zone, ecological and agricultural easements will be established in order to preserve uniformity. Thus, the conceptual unity of the project will be protected from alterations.

Prices for the homes will vary between US$ 169,000 and US$ 192,000, depending on location, view, and lot size.

2-2 LOTS

The second product offered by Residencial San Lucas comprises two lots, approximately 1,400 meters each. These lots are located behind each of the five-house blocks that represent the first product in the project.

These lots are accessed through two cul-de-sacs (one for each lot) measuring four meters wide by forty meters deep. These access ways are part of the lot (that is, they are not easements) and will be paved with cobblestone. The cul-de-sacs are located on each side of the park's greensward, which in turn is to be found in the center of the project, dividing not only these lots but also each of the five-house blocks.

At present, the price for the lots is US$ 110 per square meter. This will remain so until construction begins for the 10 houses and the cul-de-sacs are cobbled.

Coverage for the lots is 70% and density is one house per lot.


The estate is a 7,600 square meter plot of agricultural land, located in the back of the property. This plot is accessed by means of an easement for agricultural use, along the eastern boundary of the lot. The easement is 80 meters long and 7.42 meters wide; four meters of this width will be covered with cobblestones.

Before the houses are built, the price per square meter will be US$ 80.

Coverage is 10% and only one main house may be built. However, if coverage is respected, additional facilities may be built, such as a stable, worker's house and other buildings compatible with the agricultural nature of this property.